Owners Danny and Jessica Barry 

A little place with a lot of heart... that's Barry's Old School Irish.


Inspired by the quaint countryside pubs deep in the hills of Ireland, Danny and Jessica Barry wanted to bring a piece of the old country back to their hometown. The Village of Webster offered the perfect location for their "little place" and since the doors opened in the Fall of 2011, Barry's Old School Irish has been bringing joy - and a lot of green - to the closeknit community.


What is it exactly, you ask?


It's not a bar. It's not a restaurant. It's exactly what they say it is. It's a pub, a bakery and a cafe wrapped up in a polkadot bow with a shamrock on top. And it never disappoints.


From the now famous Guinness Cake to the perfectly poured pints and traditional beef stew, Barry's gives you a "taste of the Irish" in every sense of the phrase.


So, if you ever find yourself in need of a pint and a smile, stop by Barry's Old School Irish. You'll be glad you did.




"A little place with a lot of heart."

2 West Main St., Webster, NY



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