A word from Jessica & Danny Barry:


Hi there! We are the proud owners of "Barry's Old School Irish" in Rochester, New York.

Since opening the doors to our little Irish Pub 8 years ago, we have been blessed with the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who share their love & passion for all things Irish. Inspired while on our honeymoon by the quaint countryside pubs deep in the hills of Ireland, we aimed at bringing a piece of the old country back to our hometown. A pub that acts as a gathering place and offers refuge for all who enter.

That was the goal, but what we received was so much more. Daily happenings here have turned into lasting memories. Ranging in emotion, capturing the frequent celebrations & providing comfort during life’s sorrows. Through it all laughter and conversation reign supreme. Strangers become friends, and seemingly ordinary moments turn into treasures. Sudden music breaks out and opens our ears, while friendly smiles feed our soul.

Our close-knit community continues to embrace us and makes this Pub truly special. Thank you to all those who fill these walls with love and laughter.



Jessica and Danny Barry